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Google Developer Group Azores offers a way to help our local community to connect, through the use of technology, with the needed resources in order to transform innovative ideas into great projects, or just improve our knowledge and reveal our curiosity about the Technology Sector.

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Be part of our community and enjoy the opportunity to belong to a team that will help turn your ideas into real things.


Connect through innovation and be able to get the latest knowledge on the latest technologies around the world.


Interact with others, in your and their ideas, and be able to expand your creativity by "thinking outside the box".

Google Developer Group Azores

Expand your Boundaries.

Discover New Technologies

Get your hands in the latest technologies and have the chance to see and experience what the future holds. Get to see the impact of these in our current society and expand the boundaries of our knowledge.

Create New Ideas

Learn how to use some of the newest technologies available in the current industry and be able to create your own ideas with the help of our community or even by yourself.

Share New Projects

Finish your own work and have the ability to share it with our community. This way you will receive different kinds of feedback's about your projects, giving you the possibility of testing and improving your own work.

Be Part of Something

Join - Experience - Learn - Develop - Have Fun